July 27, 2017 at 9:26pm

Todo.txt Program Docs

Program description
The Todo,txt Format
Chrome Web Store location for installing the extension
Sample Todo.txt file
Review of Todo.txt by MakeUseOf
Review of Todo.txt by Slant

I have installed the extension and see its favicon (green check mark inside a red box) in the top right corner of my Chrome browser, so it is apparently ready to use. I click on the favicon and add many tasks. It is very easy to do. Click anywhere else in the browser and the Todo.txt window disappears. Tasks are easy to add, with projects starting with a + sign. I’m not using any @ sign, which is for labeling the context of a task, as I will mostly be doing everything at home at my desk. The priority letter must be entered with parentheses around it.

The program seems very easy to use and intuitive. Easily totally worth the price I paid for it (Free). Ha ha

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