July 27, 2017 at 12:19pm

Plain Text ToDo Lists

We’re moving (a long distance) in September. We don’t want this to be like our move in July 2015, which was a painful nightmare. I ordered seventy boxes, bubble wrap and tape yesterday. Then it occurred to me that there will be a million tasks to track before we are finally settled in our new home. This is gonna be like planning the invasion of Normandy. I’ve been using Keep for tracking things for the last few years, because it syncs between my desktop and my Chromebook. But would something simpler be better, like a plain text file synced via Dropbox?

Todo.txt by Gina Trapani

I took a look at Todo.txt years ago and decided not to proceed with it because it required installing some stuff to be able to use the command line, just beyond the level of geek that I could confront at the time. And the emphasis seemed to be on syncing between desktop and phone. I use my phone as little as possible and don’t want any task list on it, which made it even easier to pass on todo.txt. It was very easy to start using Keep and it’s been useful and handy. But there’s no sorting of tasks by importance with Keep, and I sorted by projects by having separate Keep notes for each one, which makes for a lot of jumping around. With todo.txt there is sorting AND all data is in one file.

Todo.txt Chrome Extension

Today I discovered there is now a Chrome Extension for todo.txt. This would permit syncing between a Chrome browser on my desktop and my Chromebook. Those are the only two devices that I use all the time. Maybe this would be a good time to give it a try. I like the idea of having ONE Todo file, which can also sort both by importance, and by projects.

Oh . . . and at some point in the move, I might want a task list on my phone! Like when we’re driving across the country and I have no desktop, nor maybe even the Chromebook to use at times. I think the Chrome Extension will allow for that when the time comes.

Okay, I’m convinced. I’ll give it a try.

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