July 30, 2017 at 1:02pm

Rivers on the Web

I’m compiling RSS feeds to be used in a new River 5 installation. This is basically a live interface for an RSS reader. There are already other Rivers on the web and there’s no point in my duplicating them. So I have compiled links to the other Rivers I know about below. Once my own Rivers are configured, I will announce them here.

Dave Winer Rivers

Major League Baseball
National Basketball Assn
New York Times
The Guardian
Compilation of Dave’s Rivers - includes many of the above

Andy Sylvester Rivers

1999.io Bloggers
Full Blast News - for ten different major newspapers
Open Source Bridge Feeds
And the Mother of All River Confluences

Other Rivers

Duke University - from Anton Zuiker
Edublog Feeds - from John Johnston
Five Feeds: Edublog, Ego, Fav, Indieweb & Microcasts - from John Johnston

Click on the above links for the latest on the above categories or from the above sources.

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