July 27, 2017 at 9:26pm

Todo.txt Program Docs

Program description
The Todo,txt Format
Chrome Web Store location for installing the extension
Sample Todo.txt file
Review of Todo.txt by MakeUseOf
Review of Todo.txt by Slant

I have installed the extension and see its favicon (green check mark inside a red box) in the top right corner of my Chrome browser, so it is apparently ready to use. I click on the favicon and add many tasks. It is very easy to do. Click anywhere else in the browser and the Todo.txt window disappears. Tasks are easy to add, with projects starting with a + sign. I’m not using any @ sign, which is for labeling the context of a task, as I will mostly be doing everything at home at my desk. The priority letter must be entered with parentheses around it.

The program seems very easy to use and intuitive. Easily totally worth the price I paid for it (Free). Ha ha

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July 27, 2017 at 12:19pm

Plain Text ToDo Lists

We’re moving (a long distance) in September. We don’t want this to be like our move in July 2015, which was a painful nightmare. I ordered seventy boxes, bubble wrap and tape yesterday. Then it occurred to me that there will be a million tasks to track before we are finally settled in our new home. This is gonna be like planning the invasion of Normandy. I’ve been using Keep for tracking things for the last few years, because it syncs between my desktop and my Chromebook. But would something simpler be better, like a plain text file synced via Dropbox?

Todo.txt by Gina Trapani

I took a look at Todo.txt years ago and decided not to proceed with it because it required installing some stuff to be able to use the command line, just beyond the level of geek that I could confront at the time. And the emphasis seemed to be on syncing between desktop and phone. I use my phone as little as possible and don’t want any task list on it, which made it even easier to pass on todo.txt. It was very easy to start using Keep and it’s been useful and handy. But there’s no sorting of tasks by importance with Keep, and I sorted by projects by having separate Keep notes for each one, which makes for a lot of jumping around. With todo.txt there is sorting AND all data is in one file.

Todo.txt Chrome Extension

Today I discovered there is now a Chrome Extension for todo.txt. This would permit syncing between a Chrome browser on my desktop and my Chromebook. Those are the only two devices that I use all the time. Maybe this would be a good time to give it a try. I like the idea of having ONE Todo file, which can also sort both by importance, and by projects.

Oh . . . and at some point in the move, I might want a task list on my phone! Like when we’re driving across the country and I have no desktop, nor maybe even the Chromebook to use at times. I think the Chrome Extension will allow for that when the time comes.

Okay, I’m convinced. I’ll give it a try.

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July 25, 2017 at 10:54am

Using Blot

I’m trying out Blot for creating my personal blog. The first exposure I had to it was this video. I liked the idea that

  • It looked very simple to use.
  • Source files are kept in my own Dropbox folder, a synced copy of the same file on my PC. So the files are always automatically backed up.
  • These files are created in a simple text editor, using Markdown syntax.
  • I didn’t have to set up a server in the cloud.
  • Affordable, to say the least, $20/year!

But documentation is succinct, a lot to sort out in the beginning. I have gathered up some useful files for learning how to use it.

Blot Resources

The Blot introduction file
The Blot Help file
Blogging with Blot - at iPadpedia
Blogging with Blot - at Words on a Page
Blogging from a Dropbox folder - from Hacker News
Blot, a Static blog powered by Dropbox - from Hacker News
Blogging on Blot with Write for iPad - from Wolfe with an e
Hacking Meta Data with Blot - from Neural Market Trends
Hacking Tags with Blot - from Neural Market Trends
Microblogging with Blot - from 20-Sided Pixel
Praise for Blot - from Shared Memory Dump

Websites Built with Blot

Words by Des Paroz

At first it seemed to me that this software could be used to create a very minimal website. The first thing I did was to create my Personal Profile with it. Then I found the iPadpedia article and after reading it, I looked all over that website, which had been converted to Blot from Tumblr. It is NOT a minimal website and I quickly realized that I have a lot to learn. But it might be worth learning, if I can create a website as nice as iPadpedia.

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