July 25, 2017 at 10:54am

Using Blot

I’m trying out Blot for creating my personal blog. The first exposure I had to it was this video. I liked the idea that

  • It looked very simple to use.
  • Source files are kept in my own Dropbox folder, a synced copy of the same file on my PC. So the files are always automatically backed up.
  • These files are created in a simple text editor, using Markdown syntax.
  • I didn’t have to set up a server in the cloud.
  • Affordable, to say the least, $20/year!

But documentation is succinct, a lot to sort out in the beginning. I have gathered up some useful files for learning how to use it.

Blot Resources

The Blot introduction file
The Blot Help file
Blogging with Blot - at iPadpedia
Blogging with Blot - at Words on a Page
Blogging from a Dropbox folder - from Hacker News
Blot, a Static blog powered by Dropbox - from Hacker News
Blogging on Blot with Write for iPad - from Wolfe with an e
Hacking Meta Data with Blot - from Neural Market Trends
Hacking Tags with Blot - from Neural Market Trends
Microblogging with Blot - from 20-Sided Pixel
Praise for Blot - from Shared Memory Dump

Websites Built with Blot

Words by Des Paroz

At first it seemed to me that this software could be used to create a very minimal website. The first thing I did was to create my Personal Profile with it. Then I found the iPadpedia article and after reading it, I looked all over that website, which had been converted to Blot from Tumblr. It is NOT a minimal website and I quickly realized that I have a lot to learn. But it might be worth learning, if I can create a website as nice as iPadpedia.

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