August 23, 2017 at 10:00pm

Cars That Won’t Fit in the Garage

The garage in the house we’re buying is just under 17 1/2 feet deep. Sadly that pretty much rules out some cars, as we want to keep our cars in the garage, with the door closed. The following cars would stick out the back, making it impossible to close the door. So they have been taken off the shopping list.


2017 Audi A8L Extended, 20 feet, 10 inches long (over three feet t0o long).

2017 A8L Extended


1977-1984 Fleetwood Limo, 20 feet long (nearly three feet too long).

1979 Fleetwood Limo

1959 Eldorado Seville, 18 feet, 9 inches (the whole fin would be outside).

1959 Eldorado Seville


2016 Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6, 18 feet, 8 inches (more than a foot too long).

2016 Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6

Ford Model T - Keep this one on the shopping list!

The 1926 Model T Roadster would fit nicely in the garage with more than five feet to spare. In fact, that might have been the original car at the house!

1926 Model T Roadster

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