August 6, 2017 at 1:17pm

Blogroll vs River

Definition from Google: blogroll noun - (on a blog) a list of hyperlinks to other blogs or websites.

On Blot, it would be possible to make such a list, but it would need to be a Page, linked to from the menu at the top of the blog, so that it would be one click away at all times. But for a personal blog, is that really needed? Here, I consider that I’m free to write about anything at all that catches my eye, or triggers something in my mind. If I were limited to a particular subject here, it would make sense to provide links to other resources and/or blogs on that subject. But here, the subject could be almost anything.

So what to do? For now, I’ve decided not to create one. But what about rivers? I will certainly be creating some of those for various categories of information, in the areas that interest me the most, or which I want to bring to the attention of others. I think it would make sense to link to those rivers from my personal blog, as my interests are certainly something that make me unique as a person. And maybe that is a more modern equivalent of a blogroll. Each river is comprised of streams from selected websites or blogs, those that I select, just like a blogroll. But rather than a link to a static destination, a link to a river points to a live flow of articles, always updating in real time. The reader can immediately see samples of the content in each stream, with an option to click on any given article to read it in full. Isn’t that what a blogroll makes possible too? A River is like a live blogroll on steroids.

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