Page for Listening to Music

I’ve started this page, mainly to make it easy for me to listen to some of my favorite music. It is not on the menu at the top of the blog and has not been published as an article. It is not in the Archives listing and not in the RSS feed. There are times when I’d rather not call attention to a video somewhere, in case that might cause it to get taken down, but I like listening to it. That’s what this is for. Blot makes it super easy to include these. I only need to put the URL to the music in the source file for this page. Yeah, the video screen is too square, but I mainly listen to the audio. Maybe one day, I’ll find out how to fix that. But it’s only Baby Steps for me, for now.

Anyway, glad you found it. But keep it secret, okay?

Bob Dylan

Angelina, Album version (with lyrics)
Click here to listen and buy the album!

Desolation Row, Jones Beach, 30 July 1999

And Dublin 2001 (audio) with video from Dublin, Liverpool & another show,
4th place all time in Elston Gunn list

Disease of Conceit, Hammersmith, 8 Feb 1990

Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right, 10th place all time on Elston Gunn list

Eileen Aroon, Jones Beach Theatre, 30 June 1988

Hard Rain | I Shall Be Released | Ring Them Bells | Finale - I Shall Be Released, The Great Music Experience, Nara, Japan, May 1994

The Great Music Experience, whole concert, including Just Like a Woman at 1:36 by Jon Bon Jovi

It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue, Berkeley Community Theatre, 26 May 1995
(I was there.)

And a 1998 performance

And maybe the best, a 1999 performance, with a smashing recording, 7th place all time on Elston Gunn list

Like a Rolling Stone, 1st place all time on Elston Gunn list

My Back Pages, 5th place all time on Elston Gunn list

New Danville Girl, Empire Burlesque outtake, starring Gregory Peck

**One of Us Must Know (Sooner or Later), 3rd place all time on Elston Gunn list

Senor, Tales of Yankee Power, Earls Court, London, 20 June 1978 (Audio only)

Visions of Johanna, Portsmouth UK, 24 September 2000

Complete Dylan gospel show, Massey Hall, Toronto, 20 April 1980 (2:07:03)

Complete Toad’s Place, New Haven, CT, 12 January 1990 (Four sets, 4:02:32)

For the biggest news in the Dylan world since the Nobel Prize, you’ll have to find that one on your own, already taken down from YouTube. Try Trader’s Den.

Courtesy of Ron Chester